How to convert Audio Drums into MIDI

Converting Audio Drums into a MIDI track very useful for production as you can then manipulate the drum timing and velocity of each hit. You can basically use the audio drums as samples to construct your own beat. This is fairly simple to do using Ableton live.

Step 1 – Prepare an audio drum input – I am using the Korg Krome

Audio Box USB
Korg Krome connected as Audio in









Step 2 – Record the audio drum pattern into Ableton Live as per below. You should now see the audio track for your drums.








Step 3 – Right Click on the waveform at the bottom and select “Slice to new MIDI Track” – accept the default settings.








Step 4 – Click on the newly formed track and use you MIDI controller to play the drums as if they were MIDI. There will be drums already mapped out as MIDI which edit be edited as you please.


5 thoughts on “How to convert Audio Drums into MIDI”

  1. Hey man,Thanks for the Tutorials Big question !How does your ovaehred mics sound after all those splits?I get a really artifact-ed sound when I do this Do you have any special set up on on how your auto fade times are set?I find if I cross-fade and not just split (fade in and out) I get a much more smooth sound.Thanks again!

    1. Do you mean with the overhead videos? I actually record the video and audio separately. The camera audio is muted and I then manually match the clean audio from the keyboard with the video afterwards using video editing software.

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