How to learn new piano chords

Have your keyboard skills come to a plateau, playing the same old chords over and over again?

Don’t you wish you could find deeper soulful chords, but don’t know where to start?

 Thousands of people have the same issue, stuck on the same old Major and Minor chords, even extending them to 7th and 9th doesn’t always make them stand out the way you would like them.

What you need are good examples with MIDI files so you can learn and adapt new chord variations yourself. Many musicians even play chords they don’t know the names of, they simply reply on finger movements, chord alterations and inversions to find spice in their music.

Piano teachers may either be too expensive or don’t teach you want you really want to play.

 YouTube tutorials may often be difficult to follow leaving you frustrated.

 What you need is to learn from example, especially by deciphering MIDI files and using them in your own production. Also learning by example helps you to eventually adapt your own playing style. People often ask “What chord goes with this chord?” also “What are the best chords for R&B?” There are no direct answers to these questions however I can tell you that you do need to venture around in different scale to avoid that “pop” sound.

 Click below for a collection of royalty free deep soulful chord progressions for you to download and use in your own productions. Chords for the R&B Neo Soul genre often occupy a number of difference keys. I will be also uploading some videos showing you how I actually play these chords by example. For electric piano rhodes I suggest you use a sustain pedal to fill in the gaps between the chords. If you have never used a sustain pedal before, it is time to practice, the timing of the note release is important.

Download R&B MIDI Loops

8 thoughts on “How to learn new piano chords”

  1. Your chord all sounds amazing! Can you recommend which tutorial site I can learn to play rnb, Neo soul chord like u? I’m a newbie player.

      1. I think this type of music can be played on any keyboard really. If you are looking for that rhodes E-Piano sound then any decent keyboard from around $800 should do it. Otherwise get some decent VST’s e.g. Lounge Lizard or Neo Soul Keys.

  2. We can learn chords from a book or Google them. I guess the topic is more along the lines of “How to put progressions” together.

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