Hiatus Kaiyote Best Album in 2015

Hiatus KaiyoteI only recently discovered Hiatus Kaiyote who are a Neo Soul band from Australia and I think they are awesome. From their image, especially the lead singer one would assume that they are a punk band but they are true Neo Soul, but not just any Neo Soul, they have their own flavour. A unique mix of jazzy chord progressions, interesting beat time signatures and a funky baselines. Another thing that stands out with Hiatus Kaiyote is the way the tracks change up to keep them interesting. You get key, tempo and rhythm changes through out many of the tracks.

One of my favorite tracks is “Nakamarra” from their debut album “Tawk Tomahawk” but I prefer the most recent album of 2015 entitled “Choose you weapon”. So many good tracks on track which I could listen over and over.

The lead singer Nai Palm has this voice which is both rugged and smooth and the same time, which matches perfectly for this music genre.

I was playing around on the keyboard along to the track “fingerprints” which seems to be in the key of Ab Major / F Minor which is very similar. You can play along with the chords Abmaj7th,  Fmin7th and Cmin7th. There is also a Gmaj at the end of the phrase.

Check video below.

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  1. I love thid album too. Actually both of them just as much. Nice hear some original alternative soul. Even some Neo Soul groups are sounding the dame nowadays.

    1. Yes, it is a refreshing change. They came to Japan quite recently but I couldn’t see them as there were other concerts going on around the same date.

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