Using the computer keyboard for music

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I recently met a young producer who was making decent R&B type tracks by entering notes into Logic Pro by using their Mac keyboard. I am aware that this can done, however was very surprised by the fact that they were entering chords even with no musical knowledge. It sounded okay but that is definitely the long way around of doing things.  I seriously suggested to them to get a MIDI controller keyboards, even just a 25 key one for around $50. If you are making music to point where you are entering chords then you should at least learn the basic chords on a real keyboard. It may seem a bit of a challenge at first but trust me, it will help you so much with you productions once you know the Major, Minor and Seventh chords.

If you have no music theory knowledge and you are working with chords then you may often stuck with finishing phrases that should loop back to the first chords.

For example in the C major scale you may start with Dmin, G7 then finish with Cmaj, the 2-5-1 pattern. Simply knowing this will make your productions a whole lot easier and less complex than they have to be.


4 thoughts on “Using the computer keyboard for music”

  1. If your used to it then no problem. I don’t play the piano but I can input decent melodies into my DAW using the on screen keyboard.

  2. It can easily be done, I used to do it. Since I was only programming beats and stringing samples together. If you really need to play melodies then of course you will need a proper keyboard, however it doesn’t have to be expensive.
    A $50 MIDI controller can do the job.

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