Smooth R&B Slash Chords

This is another quick tutorial covering how to get deep R&B or Neo Soul sounds using slash chords. Forget about all those fancy chords at the first stage, this can easily be achieved with simple chords such as Amin and Gmin which I am going to show you. Just two chords is all I need for this example. First of all listen to the below two chords.

As you can hear, there is nothing special or soulful about these chords, they are simple Amin 7th and Gmin 7th.

Now listen to the below, they are the same chords but have a completely different feel to them, this time more depth and more soulful.

So what is the difference?

What I have done for the second example is simply taken the 11th key from each chord, inverted it and played it as a bass note. This is like magic because it automatically creates depth and an R&B flavour. You could play the 9th’s and 11th’s in their original position but inverting it gives a very different vibe all together. See below for the diagrams.

Amin 7th + 11
Amin7th / D


Gmin7th + 11th
Gmin7th / C

You could also try inverting and playing the 9ths or 13ths as a bass note, some things work while other don’t, never be too afraid to experiment, there isn’t always a pattern to things like this however 11ths tend to sound better with the minor chords and most chords I have worked out by trial and error. Sticking to solid theory brings out no originality. Try playing your favorite chord progressions with these added inverted bass notes and listen to the difference.

If you need a bunch of R&B / Neo Soul sounding chords for download then please check out the front page here.

I have whole load of WAV files for smooth chords ready to use in your own productions, and also the MIDI files for your DAW.

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    1. No reason why it can’t be played on the guitar, same chords just different technique. You just tend to see this style of music played more on the keyboard.

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