Best Free VST Drums

There are many different ways people incorporate drums into their productions. There is the traditional way of recording live drums at a music studio, the sampling method using hardware such as the MPC or computer software, and there is newer VST method. The good thing about the VST method is that VST will normally simulate a hardware device to be used inside your favorite DAW.

Lets have a look at some of the Free VST Drums available.

Addictive Drums VST

If you are looking for very realistic sounding drums kits then look no furtherVST Drums. This package has a very user friendly interface and allows you to select from 1000’s of kicks, snare, hats etc. Mic position and effect tweaking such as compression can also be achieved from this software. Please not that it is rather CPU demanding there a decend PC is required. I recommend that you convert your sound to audio once complete and then re-import as a WAV file to play along with other instruments if you have a slow PC.

Download here

Download here for FREE R&B WAV & MIDI chords progressions



DigiDrum Pro

This one is a five part drum and progression VST plugin.VST drum2

It features an easy to use user interface equiped with loads of sound editing parameters. The sounds themselves come from a wave ROM containing the reproductions of classic percussive instruments. These sounds can be processed to your satisfaction via the use of parameters controlling velocity / sound etc.
    * 5 separate Drum parts with user definable outputs
    * 27 high  quality drum and percussion waveforms
    * User WAV import
    * layering can be used to create more complex sounds
    * Quick sound preview.
    * An  easy to use filter setup capable of many various timbres


A very simple but solid FREE Drum VST here. Pads can be played by the mouse. You can send individual reverb to any of the pads, with a very clear and easy to use layout.


Download here

Impakter by de la Manchadrum vst 3

Impakter is a very powerful drum VST and one of the best free drum plugins tested and used by myself. This features over 300 drum samples which are generated by analogue synths like Kakken SX-150, Korg MS20, Roland Juno60,  also drum machines such as Yamaha MR-10, Korg KPR-77, and Mattel Synsonics rhythm box.

Impakter comes with four modules for kick, snare, hats and general percussion.

I have used this quite a lot for electronic production. This is very fun to use and I was able to create some very interesting sounds and drums by randomly tweaking knobs.

Compatibility: VST 32-bit plugin format for Windows.

Download here


2 thoughts on “Best Free VST Drums”

  1. Good selection there I didn’t know about, however I prefer to build my own library from collected drums samples of records old and new. I just simply plug them into a DAW drum sequencer. FL Studio has a very easy one to use.

  2. Thousands of free drums sounds all over the net. Better to just have a handful of drums sounds you like to work with, otherwise you will never get things done.

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