Neo Soul Smooth Chord Progression

I am going to show you a five chord R&B Neo Soul progression which I kind of discovered by accident, mainly the last chord which seemed to be a finger misplacement but turned out sounding nicer than I expected.

I am going to start of by showing you the basic chords first which were played using the left hand.

The chords I am playing here are Bbmin9th, Emaj9th, Gbmaj9th, Ab min7th b5, D dmi7 (an inversion by simply sliding the pinky from F# down to F)

The fourth chord was supposed to be Abmin7th or 9th but accidentally flattening the 5th made is sound a little sadder but more soulful.

Next, I am playing exactly the same chords however I am playing the bass with my left hand as an inverted NOT the standard bass / root position. It makes the sounds sound even deeper.

Same chords but different sound !!!!

Bbmin7th / Eb – bass note (actually an 11th)

Emaj7th / Gb – bass note (9th)

Gmaj7th / Ab – bass note (9th)

Abmin7th b6 / Bb – bass note (I tend to use my ear to find good slash bass notes)

D dim7 / Bb – Same bass note

I am using the damper / sustain pedal which I am playing which is why the notes are disappearing quickly even though you can still hear the sound. I like to record live but will try to record as MIDI next time to hold the notes in position for longer.




6 thoughts on “Neo Soul Smooth Chord Progression”

  1. As always, nice and smooth. Those added bass notes really do make a difference to the over all sound.
    Would you replace that base note with a “real” bass sound or just play the bass like this?

    1. Thanks man. If this was a live performance I would definitely have the bass player playing those slash notes and I would play the normal chords. It would sound very similar.
      We did a recording the other day, and the bassist accidentally played an incorrect note, but for a while we all though that I played the wrong chord. However when the Engineer isolated each instrument to search for the error we notice then that I did in fact play the correct chord but the bassist played an incorrect note for that section.

      It’s weird how much the bass key can influence the whole sound of a production.

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