Neo Soul Chord Tutorial for 2016

A happy new year 2016

For the start of 2016 I will show you a video of some R&B Neo Soul smooth chord progressions with a slash type bass note. The bass notes really do make the chords sound rather different. Here I have played an 8 bar loop twice using the below chords.

Bbmin9th, Abmin9th, Emaj7th, Ebmin7th, Bbmin9th, Abmin9th, Fmin7th

For the second half I added the below bass note shown in red

Bmin9th / Eb (11th)

Abmin9th / Dd (11th, although the software is reading from B showing B 6 add 9)

Emaj7th /Ab (9th)

Gbmaj7th / Ab (9th)

Bmin9th / Eb (11th)

Abmin9th / Dd (11th)

Fmin7th / Bb(11th, although the software is reading from Ab)

Just keep on practicing with this four chord loop until you get the swing of it.



10 thoughts on “Neo Soul Chord Tutorial for 2016”

  1. Smooth sounding chords there, nice. Why would some of the bass keys be in the 9th but others in 11th? Wouldn’t all 9th’s all work or all 11th’s?

    1. Thanks, there doesn’t seem to be any strict rule here just play it by ear. 9th just sounds right with certain chords but not with others. The 11th inverted key sounded better with other chords in this case. However of course it depends on the chord progression as a whole and what type of chord proceeds or succeeds it.
      I advise to just play around and experiment with the inversions to find what sounds beat.

  2. I think 9th works for Major and 11th for Minor Chords as the Bass note.
    9th does not work for Minor Chords, 11th not for Major because it builds a b9/maj7 to the Third and thats to much Tension to be a solid Root.

    1. Lars, Thank you for that very important observation. Did you already know that from theory or did you work that our by ear playing around with chords. I will keep that in mind.

      1. I think it is similar to avoid notes as additions to chords. If an optional tone builds a b9 to one of the main chord tones it will have to much tension for most situations 😉 this i knew from theory

  3. Nice chords and info there. I have applied something similar to this and it sounds really soulful. I have actually used a real bass instrument for the slash note instead of playing it on the keyboard. Works very well.

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