PC or Mac for making music?

I have always been a PC man. My first computer was actually a ZX Spectrum 48K, remember those? They were very popular in the UK in the mid 80’s. It’s main rival was the Commodore 64 but I went and bought an Amstrad CPC 6128 after that.

I starting to make music when I got a real computer which was a Intel 486 which a whopping 4MB RAM !! Also since I am a bit of a gamer I liked upgrading my PC to the fastest CPU and Graphics card. This wasn’t something that was normally done using a Mac.

Traditionally the Mac had been favorable for music production, and software such as Logic has been developed exclusively for Apple Mac users. The reason for this is the fact that Mac’s all share the same fixed hardware structure, making it easy for audio interface manufacturers to produce products which consistent results. A latency of 6ns one one Mac using a certain Audio Interface will be 6ns on everybody else’s Mac. This is not the same for the PC since all PC’s have different, hardware structures, motherboards, CPU, RAM etc. A PC with a slower CPU could end up having better latency than a PC with a faster CPU. There are many environmental factors with PC’s that can affect performance.

Nowadays people say it’s 50/50 between PC’s and Mac’s for making music it really depends on what you are used to. However many are still leaning towards the Mac as software such as Pro Logic tends to be industry standard. i wouldn’t mind a Mac though at the moment in order to be able to convert my sounds into a format better for Mac users E.g. Apple Loops for Garage Band or Logic users.


3 thoughts on “PC or Mac for making music?”

  1. Not sure what the fuss is, I have always used Pcs to make music. Logic Pro for Mac’s maybe industry standard however so is Pro Tools. Plus you don’t HAVE to use the same DAW as anyone else. You can get professional sounding tracks from most DAWS nowadays. I use Ableton Live.

  2. In terms of sound output and quality I don’t see any difference really. That really depends on the hardware you have and the DAW you use. I guess traditionally the Mac was preferred but nowadays either if fine unless you really need to use Logic on a Mac.

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