The Internet – Nice Chord Progressions

A group that I have recently started to like is The Internet. They are a mix of Jazz Fusion, Acid Jazz, Funk and Neo Soul. With one female singer. Their music definitely covered a few genres but what I specifically noticed was the nice chord progression from the keyboardist. It tends to be a four chord sequence with changes and alterations here and there. This is what gives the group that Neo Soul feeling. Some people would actually put them in the Neo Soul category as a main category.

It is the percussion and other instruments that give it the Acid Jazz / Fusion vibe. This pulls it away from the typical R&B giving it a unique flavor.

Incidentally they are coming to perform in Japan this month as part of their tour. I did really want to see them but tickets are all sold out already!!!

A lot of Japanese are very interested in this genre of music. check out the video below for a live performance.

The singer Syd is also part of the Odd Future crew who are mainly Hip Hop with rappers such as Tyler the creator and Sweatshirt Earl.


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  1. Awesome band I only discovered these after listening to Odd Future. I saw Syd in the background there with that cypher type track at the end. Nice stuff and love the keys.

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