Too many sounds to work with

There are many music producers who believe that the more sounds, VSTs and equipment they have, the better music they will make. More sounds does mean a better choice however in reality it can have the opposite effect and set people back from their creations. I often find that people with massive sound libraries wast 100’s of hours simply playing around with the sounds and never really complete a project to it’s fullest. I used to be the same myself until I bought a synthesizer with good on board sounds. On the internet there is access to thousands of free sounds, drums kits, loops, instruments if you have the time to search.

drum samples

I often see sites saying 1,000 snares, 1,500 kicks. What are you going to do with 1,000 kicks? What many people will do though is spend hours going through 1,000 kicks and snares searching for the perfect drums sound to match their track. I don’t think there will ever be that “perfect” drum sound, you need to use EQ and filtering and build your track around what you have.

After purchasing my Korg synthesizer I was impressed with the drums sounds and although there are less sounds than my VST  / Audio collection it was much easier for me to quickly decide on  a decent kick or snare from this more limited range. The same goes for the other instruments too especially the Rhodes, I tend to just stick to the E.Piano Mark I, II or V. There are also a couple of very nice R&B Bass patching which I tend to use. In fact after purchasing the keyboard I think I made three full tracks in a week or so, and that’s juggling around family and work.

My advise is to do your best and work with a more limited sounds base. By doing this you will definitely get more work done in  a shorter time and the same it is much better for your creativity.

I also think that “Playing around” with samples and sounds is also a big time waster. As a keyboardist I have a habit of getting lost in the keys when I should be doing something else. While I am writing this article my synthesizer is OFF. Otherwise I would be messing around with the keys and getting nothing done. Procrastination is a big hurdle for many musicians.


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  1. Good advice. I often hear people say the more vsts and sounds the better. So I was kinda stuck inbetween less or more. Thanks

  2. Which Korg synthesizer you have? Looking to find a good synthesizer, I have a Yamaha MO6 but haven’t figured out how to be able to record the sounds into Logic pro. Its been a nightmare trying to figure that out. Unlike a typical keyboard that can just plug an play/record.

    1. I have the Korg Krome, not the top of the range but very solid sounds. The way I use it is I connect it to my Audio interface through the Audio port and record straight audio, no USB cable used. At the same time I have the MIDI cables connected so I can play some of the VSTs if I want to (e.g. Lounge Lizard Rhodes) – I would need to turn down the volume of the Korg of course though.

      You may be trying to record via USB?

      1. Yea I do record via USB. I use my akai mpk mini most the time since I be on the go a lot. I have an audio interface, and tried that way also but hadn’t figured out how to get it to work so just kind of left that part alone for awhile and kept using the akai mini.

        1. Okay, but you may be missing out no being able to record audio. Probably a setting on the DAW side to get the Audio through.
          When recording Audio, since it’s travelling through the cables, and being processed before you hear it, it tends to have more of a warm vintage feel to it. Clear but not overly sharp and stiff sounding like some VST patches.

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