Learning Neo Soul – Augmented Inversions

I have figured out a another way to get nice Neo Soul / R&B sounding chords by playing a dominant augmented chord (Or Augmented seventh). Many may be unsure what this chord is, but using my method it is a very simple finger trick achieved by sliding two fingers down half a step to get to the Augmented chord.

Basically you just play a dominant or seventh chord e.g. C7 (Cdom) – C, E, G, A# and you just sharpen the 5th i.e. G -> G#.

The resulting chord is C7#5 – C, E, G#, A# which is a dominant augmented chord.

Now in my example I am using the Chord Gmin7th and using an inversion to get to A7#5. Check out the diagram below. All I am doing is sliding the 3rd and the 5th over to the left and you end up with the inversion. Now the 4th finger on the left hand will be on A, which is the chord you are aiming for. Your 5th finger will still be a G because it’s an inversion and very easy to play.

This will work on any minor chord but not with major chords!!

The red and the blue indicate before and after. Note the simple finger movement and the resulting chord starts from your 2nd finger as an inversion.



I have made a little soulful house type track to demonstration how this sounds. The key is different through, this time I used Abmin7th -> Bb7#5 as the switch.

The full chords are Ebmin7th, Bbmin7th, Abmin7th, Bb7#5

Ebmin7tth, Bbmin7th , Abmin7th, Bb7#5 – > Bb7

Check out the Video for more.

7 thoughts on “Learning Neo Soul – Augmented Inversions”

    1. Hi the next best chord to go to would actually be the 5th key of the first chord.
      For Gmin7th, 5th key is a D. So after the inversion which would be A7#5, play the Dminor. This should apply to all minor chords.

  1. The strumming pteatrn is IntroF#m D D DU DU D D DU DUC#m D D DU DU D D DU DU Verse F#m D D DU DUC#m D D DU DU Note: when listening to the song you will notice the intro chord change is the count of 8 between the F#m C#m, but when you get into the verse the chord change is quicker, in the count of 4. Start with my D D DU DU and then work on it as a base structure for the rhythm. Let me know how you get on. Jack

  2. I bit of a complex method here but does have a nice Neo Soul feeling to it. I’m and trying this with other keys and chords too. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I had been playing chords similar to this for some time without realizing what the theory was behind it. It’s good to know thank you.

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