New monitor headphones

My old head phones broke so I went out to an electronic store here in Japan called “Yodobashi Camera” and bought these recommended headphones by Sennheiser.┬áMy last headphones were Audio Technica which I am a fan of however they were not actual monitor headphones, these ones I bought today are said to be professional studio monitors and they do sound impressive with good frequency range and response.

I was also looking at the Audio Technica ATH-M50x which seems to be another recommended product however there was quite a price difference to that and these. These being almost half the price and sounded just as good so I went for these.

I think it is very important to use actual monitor headphones instead of regular ones as you will get an accurate unbiased signal which helps your mixes sound better on other systems e.g. car, home Hi-Fi system and even portable blu-tooth speakers which tend to be very heavy in the mid-range frequencies.

I still actually want a  pair of nice Audio Technica headphones for general listening.
Monitor headphones

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