Deep Soulful House chords for download

I have started to put up some soulful house chords for download, check out the main page here. Basically you can apply similar principles to Neo Soul or R&B music but this time at different rhythm and tempo. House and Electronic music is also more repetitive in terms of structure therefore you may only need 3 or 4 chords, however the more selection you have the better. See below for a little sample of Neo Soul chords being used in house music.


For this type of music, the chords would be quantized exactly to the beat, making production easier as the sounds would be similar to building blocks.

I have the sounds in the WAV, ACID, REX and MIDI formats.

WAV – is a simple audio file read by all machines

ACID is a WAV files with beat, temp and keys information. My files are in two types, one type is a loop type in which the key can be altered. The second type is beat-mapped type where the tempo can be changed without any stretching.

REX files are files that are used by Reason. Each each of your keyboard can be mapped to a sound segment. Great for remixing.

MIDI files are for if you want to use the music data and make your own patches for the chords. Or basically just see how the chords are played.

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Only $1.99 if purchased now!!

The list will be expanding and the download link will stay open !!

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    1. Definitely. In Reason using the Dr. Oct REX player you can change the pitches of the REX files. However I recommend limiting the changes to 1/2 to 1 step. Too much pitch shift will distort the sound.

  1. Greetings! How can I get the chords used in the example for Deep Soulful House chords for download? (1:17)

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