Chords over vocals

Do you require soulful chords over your compositions or vocals? Send over your music file and I will put some nice R&B / Neo Soul sounding chords over what you have.

I will send you back the WAV files along with the MIDI and all the chords information.

The easiest way would be to send me the acapella from an existing track so that there is a definite key to the singing. I will not be able to work with vocals that were recorded without instruments (unless its sung perfectly to a key).

I can also spice up existing chord progressions you may already have.

Productions will also stand out better with good chord progressions, however without the theory it can be difficult to know which chords to use or substitute to get more of a Soulful sound.

With a combination of ear training and theory I will be able to fit the correct chords over your productions for a very small fee.

Contact me for details.

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3 thoughts on “Chords over vocals”

  1. Why do you mean by you can’t work without a key. What if I just sing an original song and give it to you. Can’t you work out the key from that?

    1. Any vocals will be fine but it needs to a least be in tune the scales, otherwise I won’t be able to play over it. The vocals should be based on some backing instrument, then strip the music and send me the acapella.

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