Better DAW better music?

Many may assume that the more money you spend on music equipment whether it be software or hardware, the better your productions will sound. Of course professionally produced music will utilize good gear however good gear in the hand of an inexperienced producer is unlikely to sound any good. Low end gear in the hand of a pro will always sound good.

Back in the mid 90’s I had some lame free music software which I can’t even remember the name of now. I didn’t even know where any of the keys were on a music keyboard, let alone play. However using my ears and the PC keyboard for input I was still able to make the below track. I know the quality is poor compared to what I can do now but the point is to prove that music can be made on anything if the have the ears for it.

I called this MJB-Type meaning Mary J. Blige type since that type of music was my main influence in those days. Still similar chord progressions can be used even now for R&B or Neo Soul.

I am not even sure what the chord are in this track because I couldn’t play the piano then, but I could probably work them out by ear if I wanted to reconstruct this track. It is a bit too 90’s now though for anybody young to really appreciate it.

Here is another pre-piano playing track from some old unknown DAW. UK Garage style a remix of Nights over Egypt.


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  1. If you have the ear, you should be able to make good music on any platform. However you may need quality mixing before you send it as a demo.

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