Random RnB Freestyle – in da moment

This is basically a random freestyle chord progression. I simply strung together a number of chords with I think can work well together. Not all work but I think most do. Hopefully you too can get an idea on what chords go together in the Neo Soul genre. I did not use any particular key in general however I am comfortable with the key of Cmin, Fmaj, Ebmaj and Bbmaj so many chords I play with fit in one of those keys.

I am not so used to guitar type scales such as Emaj or Amaj.

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3 thoughts on “Random RnB Freestyle – in da moment”

  1. Love the chord progressions there. You said no particular scale was used right? But how would uou know which chords to follow on with?

    1. Thanks, from experience I have built up a database of chords on my head so I sort of know groups of chords that follow best, rather than just following a particular key.

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