Neo Soul Chord Progression Charts

All 12 Chord sheets for both Minor and Major are now complete and available for downloads with the WAV files

The charts show the chords, triad, 7th and 9th forms.

Below that it shows the common 2-5-1 sequence for the same key as the chord name. These are typical chord progressions which songs may be based around. The “2” means the second chord in the scale i.e. D minor in the below chart. The “5” is typical the 7th or dominant chord of that key, in this case G7. The “1” if the C Major and back to the root.

The bottom shows a number of different chord ideas that go well with the title chord.

Click here to download the PDF sample

or click on the “Chord Charts” tab at the top of the page for the full set.

Cmaj - Page



5 thoughts on “Neo Soul Chord Progression Charts”

  1. Look forward to the rest of the charts. However, 2-5-1 chord progression is mentioned in the PDF sample. How about the chord progressions at the bottom, what sequences are those?

    1. The progression at the bottom of the page do not follow any strict key in particular. They are simply chords that I feel go well after the main chord (top of the page). It is best not to stick strictly to keys if you want the progressions to have good tension.

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