Why I use Ableton Live for my RnB production

My preferred DAW for my RnB Neo Soul downloads is Ableton Live. Some of the best points of using Ableton are as follows:

Hardware Controllers

The first thing that stands out with Ableton live is its magnificent controllers such as the Ableton Push and the AKAI APC 40, not forgetting the iPad touchAble3. Many other DAW controllers are fully compatible also, making Ableton Live one of the favorite for external inputs and controllers.

Even without a hardware controller, Ableton Live is a pleasure to use.

Incidentally,  if you purchase Novation, AKAI APC 40 or Ableton Push at most places, you will get a lite version of Ableton Live for free. From there you can upgrade to the full version of Ableton Live anytime. A very good deal.



Exporting to KORG devices

Certain KORG devices such as the iKaosilator or the KORG Gadget are able to export sounds directly to Ableton Live which can be of course used in your mix.


The Kingston is a very useful KORG gadget. You can make some amazing sounds with the JUMP and RUN functions. And again, purchasing one of these gadgets will include the lite version of Ableton Live.

EQ Eight

Most DAWs of course feature EQ however none of them have been as easy to use as the Ableton Live EQ Eight.  It maps out a perfectly accurate and easy on the eyes waveform of the sound you want to process. No need to get technical with band filtering etc. The shows you exactly what is going on with your sound across the whole spectrum.


Track Grouping

This may be considered as a minor feature however it can be a very powerful too if you are working with a large number of tracks. It basically groups and number of track into one. The outputs can be all return to the mixer and processed at the same time as a group. Other DAWs have a similar function however Ableton Live is very easy to work with in this respect.










External Audio Effect

This is useful because it can send effect to external hardware devices that are compatible with Ableton live such as the KORG Koass pad. The parameters of the KORG Koass pad can be directly controlled from within Ableton Live DAW.



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  1. I do like Ableton Live too however the Push Module is expensive. I’m just good with my MIDI controllers. Thats all I need really.

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