Learn Neo Soul Chords Part 1

This smooth chord progression is not too difficult to learn so I will break it down for you here.

Please note that the Automatic chord recognition software reads my right hand and uses that as chord information, therefore technically some of the chords are different.

First three chords are: Abmin9th (notice the inverted 9th on Bb),  Gbmaj9th (inverted 9th), Ebmin9th (inverted 9th)

Next time round Abmin9th, Gbmaj9th, Fmin7th – to change it up a little.

The tricky part !!! @ 0:12

Again go to Abmin9th, or Abmin7th for this example.

Then shift the 3rd and 5th fingers down half a step and you will end up with Bb7#5 on an inversion, see below. This gives a really soulful flavor with a lot of tension.

Bb7#5 is an augmented chord, it is actually Bb7 or Dominant with a sharpened 5th that’s all.


This next leads into Ebmin7th or 9th

Then back around: Abmin7th, Bb7#5, Ebmin7th and then Emaj7th or 9th to finish off.

If you want to play bass over it, remember the root key for Bb7 (dom) #5 is Bb and NOT Ab is written in the above diagram.

Just keep playing it over and over to get used to the finger position. This above chart can be applied to any minor chord.

4 thoughts on “Learn Neo Soul Chords Part 1”

  1. Smooth chord progression there. Why would the blue B flat start on the second note for the chord you showed above?

    1. It is actually easier on the fingers if you are playing the piano to simply shift two fingers back half a step and invert, rather the moving your hand to play the chord in it’s original position.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, smooth chords. I will now try applying this with some other chords and scales. Cheers.
    Checked out some of your other videos too, nice.

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