The Roland FA vs Korg Krome

Before I purchased my Korg Krome I was very undecided whether to get the Roland FA-06/08 or the Krome. They both seem to be a similar spec and price range hence rivaling each other. The Krome 61 key which I have for gigs etc. Does not have the best key bed and neither does the Roland FA series however I wasn’t too impressed with the piano and Rhodes sounds on the Roland. They sounded a bit weak. However the store assistant reminded me that the brass sounds are what make the Roland FA excel. This is probably true however for the genre of music I do, I would rather call up a real brass or sax player to record those parts than have an unnatural MIDI sounding piece.

Anyway I think the best thing to do is to try them both which is what I did for some time before making a decision.

On the Roland FA I did rely like sample pads though and I do like to dabble with the hip hop side too. There are many built in samples but of course you can sample you own audio.

If you are a real keyboard / piano player though I do recommend looking at the 88 keys version for both as they are weighted and this does make quite a difference to your playing, especially with Jazzy stuff.

See the video below and see what you think.

I wouldn’t mind having them both, to create from Neo Soul sounds with.

2 thoughts on “The Roland FA vs Korg Krome”

  1. I actually have both models and use them interchangeably. The Korg seems to have better pianos but the Rowland for the synths.

  2. For me, I like to simply stick to what I know. I have been a KORG user for over 15 years so I stay with KORG all the way.

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