Building a Neo Soul Track in Ableton Live

I have just quickly put together a Neo Soul type track using the Ableton Live DAW.

Firstly I played a basic drum pattern through my KORG keyboard and inputted it as Audio. Even as Audio I am able to quantize it through Ableton live by right clicking and selecting Quantize.

Next I played some Rhodes as Audio and MIDI at the same time, I did this so I could trigger the chord display software on the screen. The chords are as follows.

Ebmin7th, Emaj7th, Abmin9th, Bbmin9th

Ebmin7th, Emaj7th, Abmin9th, Fmin7th

I then put in a synth melody and used my ears as a guide rather than working out the key in theory.

The bass line basically follows the root key of the chords

Check it out.

Click here to download the MIDI

5 thoughts on “Building a Neo Soul Track in Ableton Live”

  1. Smooth track, I could imagine Musiq or Dwele singing over this. Thanks a lot for providing the MIDI too, Im gonna work on a hiphop track based around similar chords.

  2. Loving this track and the chord progression. Nice electronic sounding bass synth to go with it too. Awesome, I wanna use this chords.

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