Solo Music Production

As many musicians may come to realize, gathering people together for rehearsals for performances can be rather difficult. Everything body has different schedules, work hours, family commitments and so on. Due to this many people have difficulty ever performing in groups. Especially once you have graduated from school and have entered the world of full time employment.

If you have group of members with flexible schedules then you are lucky, otherwise scheduling can be tricky.

Due to this, many artists have headed towards solo production. With solo production there are couple of ways to make tracks.

The first way is to be a multi-instrumentalist playing a variety of instruments. This would be at least drums, bass, keys and guitar. Other instruments can be achieved using VST plugins from a typical DAW e.g. Pro Logic or Ableton Live. A full track can easily be made this way by recording each audio part separately. A digital drum machine or even VST may even be preferred.A sound engineer may be required at the final mix down phase however nowadays many people do this themselves.



The second way would be to draft out your ideas in a DAW, this would be using VSTs. You would then hire people to play and record parts separately for you. They could record it in their own time and send you back the WAV file. Note that for production purposes we want the uncompressed WAV file, and not a compressed MP3. The MP3 is for after the final mix down. This method of hiring musicians may cost more however you can save a considerable amount of time getting tracks done. Plus there are places online where you can hire people to play simple loops for a very minimal costs.

The only problem is how to credit musicians for any funds earned through potential sales.


Once your track is complete, promotion is probably the next biggest hurdle. Online music sales may be the way to go nowadays however everybody is doing it, the internet is full of indie artists. However if your sounds stand out then people are more likely to notice you. Therefore it is best to try and stay away from the typical chart sounding generic loops.

Famous multi instrumentalists – Prince, Sufjan Stevens, John Entwistle, PJ Harvey, DaveGrohl and many others.

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  1. Due to time restrictions etc. I have been doing solo music projects for years now.
    However I do occasionally hire a session drummer.
    Do you do the drums yourself?

    1. Drums aren’t my main thing so I would prefer to get sampled loops. However I do sometimes punch out drums through the keyboard.

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