Live Performance

Here is a short snippet of a live performance I was playing in last week. It is not really an official band as some musicians were simply helping out for this showcase for a music institution / group. You can just see the top of my head shinning on the right playing the keys. It was recorded using a smart device so the audio is not too great.

The bass player on the left is the producer / composer of this original song and the singer wrote the lyrics herself with my assistance (language), hopefully she will be singing on some of my tracks too.

4 thoughts on “Live Performance”

  1. I can only see the top of your head there lol. They could have gotten a better angle and moved the amp out to the side.

    1. I didn’t even know it was been filmed so yeah a better angle might have been useful there although I didn’t really have a massive role on this performance, no solo, just chords etc.

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