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Many may be stuck trying to expand on their chord progressions, especially using the common minor, major and dominants. There are often course other chords such as Suspended and Augmented however many don’t understand the theory enough to understand where to place them.

A good easier way to expand your chords is to use “accidental chords” this is basically playing a chord that has certain tones outside that official scale giving that dissonant feeling.

The example below is me playing Gmin7th then Fmaj7th. The first time time sounds normal.

However the second, third and forth times, the Fmaj7th sounds like a different chord each time. This is because I am playing the F major but randomly flattening a key each time to get a new sound.

Fmaj 7th – F, A, C, E

However I have used (Gb orF#) A, C, E

F, Bb, C, E

F, A, Dd, E


F, A, C, Eb

just to mix thing up and create newer sounding chords.




4 thoughts on “Expand your chords”

  1. Thanks for the tips, I need to break outside some of the boring chord progressions I keep playing. I will try this with some other chords too.

    1. Thanks and sure. Do try to apply these to various different chords and see what new sounds you will get.

    1. There is usually no need to change keys. By staying in the original key, there will be some tension and dissonance due to the fact that the chord is outside the scale.
      A Neo Soul feeling right there

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