Hiatus Kaiyote

I am looking very much forward to seeing Hiatus Kaiyote live @ Tokyo Blue note next week!!!

Once of the best Funk / Neo Soul bands I have heard over the past year are so. I missed them in Tokyo last year but glad to get the chance to see them this time around.

Definitely check them out if you are in Japan at http://www.bluenote.co.jp/jp/

3 thoughts on “Hiatus Kaiyote”

  1. By looking at their photos you would never think they are a Neo Soul Funk group. I rate these guys especially their odd time signature and her Nai Palm’s raspy but smooth voice.

  2. The show was awesome. My friend got the best tickets right at the front of the stage. However I wanted them to play “Rainbow Rhodes” – I love that interlude from the first album. On other shows they did I saw them play that and them go straight into “Nakamarra”

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