Jazz / Blues Be Bop Practice 200bpm

I wanted to practice my timing playing at high speeds trying to get the 16ths – very hard but gets better with practice. It is basically time and repetitiveness with practicing that will build up speed and accuracy. Attempting 200 bpm makes lower (but fast tempos) e.g. 150 bpm seem easy.

I will work on these tempos and use them for speed practice – not for showcasing. First attempt at 200 bpm.

Improvisation is like Rap Freestyle, you pre-write or practice parts or phrases and then you put them all together like a building block but can appear random to a listener.

2 thoughts on “Jazz / Blues Be Bop Practice 200bpm”

  1. I feel that it’s not always about speed. Good melodies and phrasing is what matters. Some of my favourite solos are simple but creative.

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