Vintage Drum Clap Machine

In Tokyo, Akihabara the other day I spotted a very vintage analogue drum machine. However  it wasn’t any ordinary drum machine, this one specializes in clap sounds which started to become very popular in the early disco era. Clap sounds added a lot more depth behind the standard snare drum. A little bit like the modern Soul clap.

Basically it used circuitry to assemble “clap” sounds and add them to your mix. All the levers knobs allow you to tune your perfect clap sound.

I understand that is was manufactured by Dave Simmons originally in the UK.

I believe I saw this for Jpy 90,000 or $800, which I guess is reasonable for such a vintage and rare piece of equipment. I guess most people would rather use a VST plugin nowadays.

Clap Trap

A Video of a slightly different model



3 thoughts on “Vintage Drum Clap Machine”

    1. Nice, I have actually recorded a room of people actually clapping to a beat. Not everyone is on time especially kids so it gives the best effect.

  1. Good collectors item, but who would need one in reality. Modern VSTs are much better, many are even free.

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