Free synth VST Tyrell N6

The other day I discovered a new FREE VST called Tyrell N6 and operates under both 32 and 64 bit environments. I have not even tested out all the patches but the ones I did test were amazing when using the VST plugin in Ableton Live. I am surprised it is free being such a solid sounding VST. I will definitely be using this in some of my future productions.

Check out a demo of me playing a few patches over a simply Hip-Hop beat from my KORG Synth.


Click HERE to Download – Note that the website is in German. Just scroll down a little to see the download links for both WIN and MAC.

4 thoughts on “Free synth VST Tyrell N6”

  1. Thanks for sharing. There are many many FREE VST’s all over the web but many are a wasted of time even searching – that’s way they are FREE.
    This is one of the decent ones, and love that bass, it sounds better than the bass patches on my Roland which I paid over $1,000 for some time ago.

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