Soulful House Chord Progressions

I loved the bass synth sound of the Tyrell N6 so much, I decided to make a little track, well rather a loop to be exact. Not only am I displaying the capabilities of the Tyrell N6 VST synth, I am also giving you a chords tutorial showing you the kind of chord progressions that can go with this type of genre.

Basically, most R&B Neo Soul type chords can work with EDM, you just need to construct the correct grove around it.

These chord progressions are actually from a Neo Soul track I am working on (the following post) but I just wanted to see how they sounded on an EDM track using the bass from the Tyrell synth.

Check it out in the below video.


3 thoughts on “Soulful House Chord Progressions”

    1. This one is not part of the pack yet but you can download many more similar type of chords from my site in the house chords section.

  1. I love this EDM version especially that bass. Definitely getting this VST. Curious to know what other sounds it has.

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