Neo Soul in Japan – Sessions

We have decided to start recording some tracks for real now and have started with this one. Incidentally this actually has the same chord progression as my last blog post, the House type track. The chords were intended for this slow jam here but I wanted to also see how it sounded as EDM. I especially wanted to try out that lovel synth bass on the Tyrell N6 synth.

Anyway, here is it with a chorus and a couple of verses we practiced. Ann will hate me for uploading this Oops but I just wanted to show people what we are working one.

I have since made a bridge part too, with a different time signature so back to the studio soon. At the moment it is just me and Ann, also a potential bass player but no other instruments as of yet.


4 thoughts on “Neo Soul in Japan – Sessions”

  1. Nice track, look forward to hearing the finished version. Don’t get sick of it halfway through and leave it unfinished like most of us do lol.

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