Wireless Bluetooth Speakers UE

I actually bought this a couple months back but I am getting more and more use from it since we are getting into the hotter season.

I tested out many portable wireless Bluetooth speakers especially the Bose models which I liked the design of, however nothing compared to the sound and power of the UE (Ultimate Ears) Megaboom speaker. It is true what the advert says, “A wireless speaker on steroids”. It is amazing how much bass you can get out of a portable speaker. Sometimes I am just listening to music through it at home, especially when I am washing the car.

There is a also a cool app available on both Google Play and iTunes where you can control it from your smart phone, such as EQ setting and alarm. You can even pair multiple speakers up.

A very much recommended speaker, I must say.


2 thoughts on “Wireless Bluetooth Speakers UE”

    1. I am happy to pay a higher price for a decent sound, and that’s what these deliver. some tracks sounded a little muddy in the mid section, especially underground hip hop and some indie Neo Soul however you can control the eq setting from a smart phone app. Perfect.

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