R&B Chord Tutorial in the key of F major

As this is a piano tutorial the key of C major may have been better since it is the easiest scale and uses just the white keys, however I feel that the key of F has a little more of a soulful touch for an R&B tutorial. Plus the the key F Major uses also all the white keys except Bb (A#).

I am basically playing the 2-5-1 progression. In every scale the 2nd chord is a minor, 5th is a seventh (or dominant) and the 1st is the major chord.

In this example we have the below.

2 – G Minor 7th

5- C7 (or dom)

1- F Major

My right hand is simply voicing / extending the chords using the key of F Major.


3 thoughts on “R&B Chord Tutorial in the key of F major”

    1. Certainly, You just need to be able to identify the 2-5-1 chords. Better to simply learn all 7 chords in each scale.

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