Neo Soul Trap Beat

I have recently been experimenting and trying to mix the New School Trap style R&B beats with Neo Soul chord progressions. As you can see from the video below, the chords match with the beat however I was not happy with the 808 diving type sub-bass that you typically hear in Trap music. I didn’t feel that it went well with the chord progressions and the key. I will definitely need to play around with that or use a flatter type of bass.

Most R&B Trap style tracks I have heard use a simple chord progression in mainly one key. Neo soul tends to move around keys therefore a little more complex but if you know the theory you can certainly lay it down over these type of beats. Also, since I am using Neo Soul chords it would be nice to have a good singer for the choruses. I am not big into the Autotune scene however it may work well for this particular general of music.


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  1. I think I can add a sick bass line to this beat. I noticed you have it in the free downloads section.

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