Tim Datailor Album Review – featuring me on the keys

An new R&B Album has just been released with me featured on many of the tracks on the keys.

The Album title is called “I Did It for Her” and produced by Tim Datailor. It is an album more of the softer side however it has uplift feeling and swing to it.

It starts off with almost a “New Jack Swing” uptempo type of track setting of the pace and mood. You can hear my keys as it moves into the bridge and then chorus. The pace then slows down with the next track, featuring a pleasant mix of ¬†Rhodes, Guitar and synth sounds. The next few tracks definitely have a 90’s R&B feel to it of course with a modern touch. The pace changes again with the track “Run Boi” with a bouncy Hip Hop type track.

The following “Perfume” track is probably one of my favourites, not just because my keys and chords led the track but I liked the tempo change with chorus and again had a 90’s R&B swing feel to it at certain points.

The mood changes completely for the track “Missing Love” which is more of a soft rock / pop type of track, however still compliments the album very well. For there on you have a delightful mix of R&B and electronic uptempo sounding tracks to complete the album.

It is always interesting to hear how other people interpret your music. I had first imagined different sounds, melodies with the chords I play, but it’s refreshing to hear how others like to incorporate your ¬†sounds in their productions.

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