Jazz Hip Hop sampling

It has been a while since I have chopped up samples and made a Hip Hop type of beat. I did this extensively before learning to play the keys, but hardly ever recently. However I stumbled on this wonderful album by the title of “Life Forum” by a very talented Jazz artist by the name of Gerald Clayton. This was released in 2013 but I only just discovered it recently via the Google Music auto recommend feature, a very good feature I must say.


The playing reminds me a little bit of Robert Glasper but with more going on with the melodies rather than the complex chord progressions which Robert seems to favor. One track which really caught my interest was actually a short interlude type track featuring horns. Hearing these horns, I just wanted to sample them straight away. So I recorded them in Audacity then chopped up the horns using Recycle and fed the result into Ableton live so I could play the segments via the keyboard as MIDI.

Here is a snippet of the original sample below.

And here is my sampled version, I simply added a bass line and beat. It is very raw, no compression, quantizing etc.

The vocals are from a site call “Looperman” so I will need to shout respect to the user name ChrisMac456 who recorded this vocal for everybody to use. I think I should have compressed the vocals a little more tho so they “sit” on top of the mix a little better.



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