Learning Guitar from Piano Theory

I used to play the guitar when I was in elementary school. Nothing too special, just the Major and Minor chords and only a handful of 7ths. I never had a book, I learned from my father who also used to play the guitar at a school. I could even pluck some Spanish style songs at one time but as I got older the guitar got neglected and I moved onto hip hop production using MPCs and DAWs. I started dabbling on the piano but nothing ever sounded good, I used the keys mainly for MIDI input. It wasn’t until I came to Japan and met somebody from one of the US Military bases here who showed me how to play chord progressions with no theory. I quickly picked up this method but decided to learn theory anyway for that extra push. This really helped me in constructing Neo Soul and R&B type chords.

Now I have a modest background in Piano theory and would like to pick up a guitar again and try and transfer some of my piano / keys knowledge onto the Guitar. I understand that it won’t be easy at first, especially playing some of the 9ths and 11ths I do so easily on the piano. However having experience on one instrument I believe will help to accelerate the learning for another instrument.

I just need to try it to find out what kind of obstacles there will be. It’s the voicing on a guitar which I am interested in.

One of the biggest obstacles with the guitar would be the fact that I won’t be able to count keys and intervals to find scales / chords like I do on the keyboard. However the more I play the guitar, the more I should get used to discovering methods how to transition from chord to chord.

4 thoughts on “Learning Guitar from Piano Theory”

  1. I believe it doesn’t matter what instrument you start on, learning a second is always much easier once you have gotten to grips with at least one instrument and know some decent theory.

  2. With guitar(vs keys) for soul , you are going to focus more on chord fragments and implied harmony. I have a great system for neo soul guitar. Hit me up if you want to exchange ideas. I’d love to collaborate on some tracks. Love your sound.

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