The heat in Japan

The rainy season has finished here in Japan and now the crazy heat is here. It is 7.00am and already 30C (86F) and will increase as the day goes on, with around 90% humidity. My music man cave is the only room with no Air Conditioning which makes it very difficult to do stuff.  The easiest thing to do is the wake up early in the morning on weekends but that means going to bed early on the weekends too.

I am working on part 2 for the chord progressions but that will be a slow progress while the heat is here for the next month or so. The wife will definitely not agree to another (4th) Air Conditioner in the house.

Casio LK 122

What I have been┬ádoing recently is using my daughters’ kids Casio Electric Piano in the living room to get down ideas. And what’s strange is, the key-bed on her cheap Casio actually feels better than my Korg Chrome!! It has a cheap sound though of course, however passable in the middle octaves. I can even use my Korg damper pedal with it. My next purchase is definitely going to have to be a fully weighted keyboard. I may get an electronic piano, Kawai or something similar within the $1,000 range. Mainly for practicing playing rather than actual composing tracks.


3 thoughts on “The heat in Japan”

  1. I lived in Japan for a year teaching in Kyushu. I remember the weather being unbearable around these times.
    It’s the humidity that gets you more than the heat though.

    1. Yes, and I am glad it’s a weekday. Office all day today, will only be popping out for seconds a time to get away from the PC monitor.

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