Nao Yoshioka

Nao Yoshioka, my favourite Japanese Neo Soul / R&B Artist will be releasing a new album on September 21st 2016 title “The truth”. Definitely look out for that one.

This will actually be her third album. Her first album was a nice mixture of original and cover songs,  and the second album showed how much she had grown spiritually as a singer. This third album has come about from her experiences during her world tours.

There is even a James Poyser remix to one of the songs. James Poyser is a member of the Roots and have produced in the Neo Soul genre for various artists such as, Erykah Badu, Mariah Carey, John Legend, Lauren Hill, Common D’Angelo and many many other.

Try and peep her olders albums if you can, The Light (debut album) and Rising (2nd album), but this one is going to be very special. Definitely Japanese Neo Soul at its finest.

Nao Yoshioka - Japanese Neo Soul Japanese Neo Soul Japanese R&B Neo Soul in Japan










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  1. Wow a Japanese who can really sing Rnb, Neo Soul too. I guess there are many around, it’s just not what the record companies are looking for these days. Especially in Japan with the factory pop scene.

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