Neo Soul Tutorial with 1-5-1 Bassline

This is further explanation to the YouTube video giving more details of the chords and keys used.

This starts of with me playing a 1-5-1 Bassline, B, D ,B while the right hand plays a melody in the key G minor (or Bb major) for 16 beats.

I then play a G minor 9th with my left hand while voicing with my right hand. The key is still in G minor (or Bb major). The next chord an F minor 9th – note the key change, this time F minor (or Ab major)


gmin9th fmin9th ebmin7th






What I then do is play 1-5-1 bass from that same F so it goes F, C, F. Then drop a note to E, B, E, then half a step back to play the chord of Eb min7th, key of Eb min (or Gb maj).

It finally resolves to Db major 9th. The second time around, it simply repeats however with slightly different voicing.




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