Japan’s silver medal in the 4×100 Rio 2016

Music aside for a moment as I would like to congratulate Japan for getting a silver medal in the final of the 4x100m relay in Rio. As I have lived in Japan for 15 years and have Japanese family, I am very proud for this nation. Some people have mentioned “yeah but the anchor runner is not full Japanese”. Who cares, he is a Japanese national and is part of the Japan national team. Look at all the different races in the US A and GB teams.

As I mentioned to people before, they are not the fastest runners in the world but Japan always seem to do well in the 4x100m relay thanks to their flawless baton changing technique. Somebody who doesn’t know much about athletics may not realize the importance of a baton change. Think of it like a car shifting from 1st all the way to it’s top gear and maintaining full speed to the end. A poor baton change is like shifting down a couple gears, losing speed and then having to accelerate again.

I very much look forward to the next Tokyo Olympics 2020. No doubt I will still be here in Japan and I will definitely be getting a ticket.


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