Learning Chords Realtime

I just recently discovered an excellent YouTube channel where you can learn chords and practice improvising in given keys.  I have been using this a lot recently to practice playing keys I don’t normally play to much e.g. Cmaj and Amaj. It has the chords scrolling across the screen from right to left so you can see what chords are coming next. I noticed that although the tracks are all in the one key, there are many borrowed chords which gives it that tension here and there.

I have been practicing playing the Bossa Nova type tracks, However I good soulful one I recommend is below. You can add more colour by slightly changing keys to match some of the minor chords.


4 thoughts on “Learning Chords Realtime”

  1. I have been using online backing tracks for some time to learn to play the keyboard. Never notice these one before, thanks.
    I may have to make a nice showcase video.

    1. Yes, I think I could break them down with voicings. However since the chords are written down you could put them directly into software e.g. FL Studio and it can also create the MIDI chords for you.

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