Gretchen Parlato in Tokyo

We were lucky enough to bump into the Jazz singer Gretchen Parlato the other day at the Tokyo Jazz festival. She wasn’t performing on that particular day but she was there enjoying the sunshine. We noticed somebody sitting on the floor when I was walking past and though “Hey I know that face”, so we went back to ask and she said “Yes”. She was even with the awesome drummer Mark Guiliana you can see in the below video.

If you have never heard of Gretchen Parlato before you definitely need to check her out, awesome singer and beautiful voice. The band she sings with do some fabulous cover arrangements of well known songs, and of course some original material too. Very complex but interesting time signatures used in a lot of the tracks to keep you on your toes.



4 thoughts on “Gretchen Parlato in Tokyo”

  1. I am sure I saw her too, I think she was with her son? Anyway, awesome artist and I only discovered her last year.
    I live in Tokyo too and I believe she performed recently in the Cotton club.

  2. I noticed how appreciated these Jazz artists are in Japan. There are certain artist that my friends have never heard of in the states but they come to Japan and pull in massive crowds and venue with high prices too. Amazing

    1. Yes, you would be surprised at the number of Japanese who know about these artists they may even seem under the radar in their own countries.

  3. I love her covers, although some of the arrangements are so different I can’t even recognize what the original track was.

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