Dual Keyboard – House type beat

I have re-arranged my man cave so I can now have my second MIDI controller keyboard on my right which is very useful. The keyboard on the right is just a MIDI controller with no on board sounds. This is connected to the PC via USB. The keyboard on the left is the KORG Synthesizer which of course has plenty of on boards sound but and is connected via both Audio and MIDI at the same time. The MIDI for the KORG is routed via the PreSonus Audio interface. Ableton live can see both keyboards independently.

I had pre-made some chord patching in the minor keys and dragged them into a MIDI drum rack in Ableton Live. The left keyboard is triggering them which is why it looks like I am playing chords with just the one finger.

Incidentally, the KORG also was being used as a MIDI controller. The bass is a VST.



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