Deep Soulful House Chords

Neo soul of course is the main genre I listen to, and sometimes Hip Hop, however growing up in the UK I was always surrounded by Electronic music, Dance, House, Rave, Techno, Garage, Happy Hardcore etc..  However one genre I had always been interested in is the Deep Soulful House. Recently I subscribed to Google Music and bumped into some stuff from the Soulful Band “Reel People”. I really liked the uptempo soulful stuff there because it used similar chord progressions which I also like to use. Google Music will recommend to you other similar artists of the same genre so it is good way expand your collection and find new artists. That is how I bumped into stuff from Dave Lee aka Joey Negro who is a UK DJ and Electronic music producer.

Joey Negro has been around for some time however what struck me about his music is that it has that nostalgic disco funk feel to it, along with Neo Soul type chord progressions. The work I like best is his music with the Sunburst Band, an underground UK Soul / Funk band.

Joey Negro and the Sunburst Band

Again, these guys have been around for some time but very underground and thanks to Google Music, I have discovered some more wonderful sounds.

Do check out “Reel People – Radio station” on Google Music

Click here for the link

I actually started out doing a lot of House and Garage productions while still living in the UK using from old freeware music software for the PC. I had no decent hardware or VSTs back in those days so it was mainly samples. I even used stretched samples and standard MIDI for instruments before purchasing decent equipment. Those were the old software tracking days.



If you are into this type of music then remember I do have similar chord progressions available for download on the front page. Do make sure you check them out.



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  1. I have always loved deep soulful house like this. It would be nice to learn to play the keys for these type of tracks.

  2. I would like 2 receive emails and or illustrations of neo-soul chord structures,
    formations and or the scales. Thank ya so much A.Y.

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