Common at the White House

If you love Neo Soul mixed with Hip Hop, you will definitely need to check this performance out. It is one of the Tiny Desk Concert series with Common performing at the white house library. But wait, theres more, it is not only Common, you have Robert Glasper with his eloquent and delicate touch on the keys and Derrick Hodges on the Bass!! Also featuring three other excellent musicians on the drums, flute and horn. Commons choice of songs were very deep talking about topics such as incarceration being the new slavery, women ruling the world and honoring his own father. Ever further he called on guest and friend Bilal to sing which was a delightful addition.

Common had been invited to the White House previously by Michelle Obama however this time he was thrilled by the prospect of performing during Barack Obamas final stages of presidency.

The musical arrangement is simply awesome, drums obviously toned down to rim shots but the concert vibe was still there. Robert Glasper as usual throws in his colorful textured chord progressions accompanied by Derrick Hodges on the bass. The solo parts were also outstanding and Bilal put down the vocals as smooth as ever

I intend to break down some of these and similar chord progressions for you in some of my upcoming tutorials with videos.

Chords for the 1st track

For similar chord progressions and many more, visit the front page at


5 thoughts on “Common at the White House”

  1. This is beautiful music right here and I would love to be able to drop sweat chords like that on the keys. I look forward to the tutorials.

  2. I noticed how Glaser likes to play over classic hip hop tunes even though he is more on the Jazz / Neo Soul side.

  3. Never heard these versions before, thank for sharing. I really dig the Nu Soul type Hip Hop, especially as you got Robert Glasper on they keys. Definitely need throw me down some of these chord progressions.

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