Neo Soul Chords in Db Major

This is further explanation to the YouTube video, hopefully the link led you here. I have based these chord progressions on the key of Db Major which has the following keys. Db, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, Bb, C. Incidentally it is the same as the Bb minor scale. Note that in the circle of 5ths each Major scale has a mirror Minor scale. You only have to learn 12 scales in the Major key and you will already know the 12 Minor scales if you refer to the Circle of 5ths chart. The chords for Db Major are listed below.

I – Db Major

ii – Eb Minor

iii – F Minor

IV – Gb Major

V – Ab7

vi – Bb Minor

viiĀ° – C Dim

In the first example I have substituted the V chord Ab7 for a Minor chord Abmin7th for more of an RnB sound, this is a borrowed chord and could be from a number of scales however I feel the scale of B Major would fit the best since it has similar tones.

The second part is a simple 2-5-1 or (ii-V-I) progression which and again I am substituting the V chord (Ab7). However this time I am choosing a different chord, D7b5 (A7b5), this adds some dissonance to the progression. Why do I chose this chord? It has a lot to do with convenience as I am a keyboard player. A guitarist may not think of such a chord to play. I often shift from ii to V by simply flattening the 3rd and 7th keys thus inverting the Dominant chord. which is very convenient to play on the piano. I can also add dissonance by also shifting my pinky finger half a step to create this intermediate chord.


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    1. I would have to say no. Yes it can be transposed but, would it sound the same? I would think not, however some may disagree.
      Technically speaking, any key can be transposed to any other key, however there are other factors involved as to how your ears will interpret to sound. This is more to do with the physics side and looking into wave forms and frequencies. The frequency of certain keys may not hit the same spot of other keys. E.g transposing this to C major just has a completely different feel to it .

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