Gordon Chambers in Yokohama Japan

Last night I got to see Gordon Chambers perform at Motion Blue in Yokohama. If you don’t know who Gordon Chambers is then definitely check him out. He is not so big as solo artist however he has written songs for more then 75 recording artists including  Angie Stone, Yolanda Adams, The Isley Brothers, Brandy, Trey Songz, Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, Usher, Marc Anthony, Jamie Foxx, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Beyoncé Knowles. His number on hits include Anita Baker’s “Apologize” and Brownstone’s “If you love me”. He actually performed both songs last night.

His own material has of course a very 90s jazzy feel to it although I was not too familiar with all his original material.

The group was awesome too, they had a Backing singer, American Bassist, American Drummer, Japanese on the Keys, Guitar and Saxophone.

Gordon Chambers in Japan


The keyboard player incidentally was a Japanese gentleman by the name of Tomoharu Hani. Hani-san is well known in Japan as a Jazz Pianist, producer and composer. He has done various work for Japan TV, and commercials including Sapporo Beer and Volvo. He threw done some awesome solos last night. Very impressive.

The place itself is very cozy, it was in the Akarenga (Red Brick Building) and was very reminiscent of Tokyo Billboard and Blue Note. I believe his next stop is Osaka so definitely check that out if you are in that part of Japan. It is also surprising to see how many Japanese really to appreciate real soul and R&B.

There was a proposal !!! Yes right after the concert had finished someone had proposed to his girlfriend right in front of everyone. That was so sweet. Gordon quickly ran back to the grand piano and sang a song especially for them. First time I had seen a public proposal here in Japan, awesome.

Incidentally, check out this awesome video below of Gordon Chambers giving Nao Yoshioka (who I previously mentioned)  a vocal lesson. See how he squeezes more upper range out of her.


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  1. I didn’t even know about Gordon Chambers until recently. Seems to be under the radar as a performer but an awesome songwriter.

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