Switch to Reaper DAW?

Is Reaper entry level software?

I have known about the Reaper for some time but never bothered using it, even though it is more or less free. I always had the impression that FREE software, especially DAWs are for entry use only or lack any decent features or functions. However it seems to I am incorrect there as people at a professional level using Reaper for many or all of there music projects.

Why do producers talk about Pro tools?

My understanding is that Pro Tools is industry standard in studios all over the world, therefore it is easy to work and share music if you are familiar with that software. Therefore DAWs like Pro Tools and Logic Pro would be mentioned more in terms of studio production tools. Reaper is obviously not industry standard but I am very keen to see what all the fuss is about. Nothing to lose as it is a free download (to some extent)

My Current DAW

At the moment I am using Ableton Live. I do like the interface and I utilize my 2nd monitor for the recording monitor screen. I am still thinking of purchasing the Ableton Push 2 module however I need to decide where it will physically fit in my room. It is preferable to get used to the one DAW instead of switching around however I intend to try some projects using Reaper and will post them online.

In past I had used FL Studio aka Fruity Loops. Even though I felt it was geared towards electronic music I do know that it is popular among Hip Hop producers. The Little Brother Producer 9th Wonder is known to be an FL Studio user which is one of the reasons why I started out on it.

Back in the 90s I was even using tracking software to make beats on a Pentium 486DX2 66Mhz 4B Ram PC, mainly of the Electronic, Dance, UK Garage Nature



Mobile DAWs

Nowadays we have Smartphone and Table DAWs, I am not sure about Apple products but the latency or lag on Android devices is simply unacceptable. I actually purchased FL Studio for my Android Xperia table and found it unusable due to the poor latency, however it did have nice functions.


Maybe future smart devices will have the hardware to process MIDI signals with low latency however until then I will be leaving them alone. I heard that Apple devices have much lower latency. And also some of the newer Android Samsung models are known to be low latency, but not for the rest at this time.

Even if latency was not a problem, I think I would rather make music on a desktop with a mouse and big screen anyway. My 2nd monitor is extremely useful giving all that extra space to work with. There is a small sequencer screen on my KORG Synthesizer however again it is too small for anything more than draft work. Ergonomically not good either for the back, that’s why I never really got into MPCs. 


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  1. Been using Reaper for years, I love it. And as you mentioned it is not fussy about VST locations too. Most my productions are using Reaper. For vocal recordings though my boy will use Pro Tools coz that’s what they have at the studio.

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