The Hottest R&B Loops

The library is always growing with a selection of hot R&B Loops for your mixes. These are not your typical simple R&B loops, the library here contains mainly the deeper Neo Soul type loops. Useful for making tracks by artists like Musiq Soulchild, Jill Scott, Dwele, Lalah Hathaway, Robert Glasper, Ledisi and many more of this genre.

The main batch of R&B loops are chords only. They are mainly played by an Electric Piano or Rhodes. The chords come with a text file of chord information. There are also MIDI files which you can slot directly into your favorite DAW and use them with your own sounds or patches.

The Soulful chords II pack has drums and a bass line. This is mainly for reference but it gives a good example of how the chords can be used in productions.

These R&B Loops can also be used on the EDM side. We have a section for EDM, House, Dance etc. which has progressions that are more suitable for a higher tempo e.g. 120 – 140 bpm. These are quantized and will fit perfectly into your EDM productions. Again you could simply drag the MIDI file over and add your own patches or sounds within your DAW.

Can’t play the keyboard?

Not to fear we also have Neo Soul RnB One Shot chords as well as the R&B Loops. These can be easily mapped to your MIDI controller e.g. Keyboard or even better MPC / MPD. You may need to adjust the sustain and release to stop the sounds from overlapping once you release a key. I would recommend a fast short attack, zero decay, long sustain and quick release. The diagram to the left simply shows which segments the ADSR represents for triggering patches.

Chord One Shots
Play Instant Chords

R&B Loops

If you don’t mind a little theory, check out the Soulful Chord Charts which shows chord possibilities for almost 100 chords on PDF files. This also comes with audio files for reference. It explains the 2-5-1 chord sequences for both Major and Minor scales. A very important and useful building block for making songs. The 2-5-1 major sequences have more of a main stream sound, however the more complex minor sequences have more of an R&B or Neo Soul sound.

The charts show various possibilities for all 24 keys minor and major. All with the appropriate fingering diagrams. This is most useful for the piano or keyboard however guitarists can find it handy too by referring to the chord names.

Do remember there is a discount for all R&B Loops if you subscribe.

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